Thanks for sharing your art with us!

Changemakers IV: Late Nite ArtNow that Changemakers IV is over we’ve got a lot of thanking to do:

A huge thanks to everyone who attended for bringing your enthusiasm and creativity to the Interurban Art Gallery to connect and reflect on what change means to you. We’re glad you could join us to share great food, music and company. We hope you enjoyed the experience and learned something!

A big thank you to the evening’s artist in residence, Zack Embree, for sharing his insights on the value of art in creating social and environmental change, living a creative life and taking us for a journey from the Alberta tar sands to Haiti and places in between.

Thanks to A&B Rentals for helping us set the table, and E.&J. Gallo for some excellent wine.

Thanks to Jordan Yerman for great coverage about the event in the Vancouver Observer.

Thanks so much to Late Nite Art for partnering with us to bring you this event. If you enjoyed it we encourage you to check them out on Facebook to learn about their other upcoming events.