Featured Changemaker: Judith Marcuse

JudithMarcuse_webWhat are some of the most impactful changes you’ve made in your community?

I’ve worked with teenagers for 18 years for using arts for social change processes to explore issues ranging from teen suicide, violence in their lives, to social and environmental justice issues.

My current project is an arts for social change project (ASC! art-for-social-change.ca), a $2.5 million project, the first of it’s kind in Canada.

Who / or what inspires you?

People who take creative risks, are generous, have excellent listening skills, are collaborative.

What was your a-ha moment to get you in the work you are doing now?

  • My activist upbringing.
  • A visit to an inner-city high school with challenging social conditions.
  • My international travel.

What’s your dream or vision for the future? If you were mayor what would an ideal city look like?

Citizen engagement, collaboration between opposing sectors, cross-silo knowledge exchange, art everywhere.

What’s your secret in making change happen?

Hope, doggedness, team building, patience

What is a changemaker in your eyes?

Someone who integrates right and left brain thinking, who is passionate, strategic, a teambuilder, not afraid of radical vision.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a future Changemaker wanting to make change what would that be?

Find a mentor, do research, expect failure, work with others who are like minded, integrate your plan into larger agendas.

What is your spirit animal?