Stop Networking | Start Netwerking: A Mega Holiday Party for Changemakers


Friday December 5th
eatArt Lab (882 E Cordova St, Vancouver)
8pm ‘til late

Changemakers is excited to partner with Transformation Projects for their Stop Networking | Start Netwerking: A Mega Holiday Party for Changemakers.

There’ll be tasty food, drink, tons of energy, tea ceremonies (!!), sparkles and dancing. We love their 5 reasons in needing a community holiday party:

1. This party makes it possible for each organization to do way less work organizing a holiday party and get a better party experience in the end.
2. This party creates a deep emphasis on celebratory, non-linear right brained immersive party times (strict policy: no networking allowed, only netwerking)
3. Even with less work to organize, there are more fun folks to party with!
4. Say goodbye to missing smaller holiday parties that have date conflicts in December.
5. This kind of party instantaneously intersects the key change-making communities into a zenith of cathartic oneness in one awesome night.

Other partners include really cool organizations: CityStudio, The HiVE, Gen Why, THNK, Potluck Cafe, Freshroots Urban Farm, Radius, and Shift Delivery.

Get your tickets now. (Don’t wait too long, the last party at eatART labs sold out!)