Super Tuesday Live Stream + Watch Party

March 1st, 6pm–10:30pm @ The Fox Cabaret (2321 Main St)
Entrance is Free! 19+
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“This is one of the most unique, and potentially transformative, US Presidential primary elections in modern history.”

Donald Trump is leading in national public opinion polls. Hillary Clinton is vying to break the highest glass ceiling and return to the Clintons to the White House. Bernie Sanders is stoking a grassroots political revolution that’s inspired millions.

Change is in the air.

So, like good neighbours do, we’re opening our doors and inviting you to join us for a Super Tuesday Watch party!

We’ll live stream the Republican and Democratic Party primary results from 12 states on a HUUUUGE projector.

Representatives with BC for Bernie will help register expat Americans to vote in the Global Democratic Party Primary.

Co-hosted by: BC for Bernie, New Mode Engagement, Changemakers Vancouver, and The Fox Cabaret.